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Terri F.

Married on 11/11/2022

" Getting married in my 60s drew my attention to every flaw that I have while preparing for my wedding. Andrea made me feel comfortable and special while transforming my face and hair from mediocre to someone I recognized from my past. I can’t remember how many people told me how beautiful I was on my wedding day because it was too often to count. Her work gave me a boost of confidence that I needed to carry through with the most important day in my life. Andrea worked with hair extensions and special adhesive prosthetics to widen my eyes and to temporarily pull my facial skin back to create a much younger appearance. With airbrush makeup, she made my skin appear as flawless as if she had waved a magic wand and transformed me into a natural looking, more youthful me! I highly recommend Andrea for make up and hair to all ages! She is truly a magnificent artist with the outstanding mastery of a magician! "

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